Dark Souls meets Diablo as No Rest for the Wicked launches next month

Woman in armour being held by cloaked people in No Rest for the Wicked
Credit: Moon Studios

Woman in armour being held by cloaked people in No Rest for the Wicked
Credit: Moon Studios

Revealed during The Game Awards 2023, No Rest for the Wicked certainly looked like an interesting time. And, better yet, it is developed by the team behind the incredible Ori series, so things are looking up for the upcoming game.

Unfortunately, at the time, we had no idea when the game would arrive. However, that has changed now, as thanks to the first Wicked Inside livestream, we've finally got some details on the debut ARPG from Moon Studios, including the roadmap for the Early Access period, and when you can finally play it. You may want to get your best gaming keyboard ready.

While the reveal trailer showcased some teases at combat, as well as a first look at the tantalising world, the Wicked Inside showcase has given us a better look at the core gameplay. The ARPG looks to be more familiar for Dark Souls fans than Diablo fans, with the world being a hand-crafted and gorgeous looking experience that will please those looking for a gloomy fantasy setting.

However, it certainly takes cues from the Diablo series, and various other looter games similar to Blizzard's beloved series, as players can find and equip various randomised gear to boost your character's power, helping you fight against challenging opponents. And, of course, you can customise your original character to your liking.

The game arrives on April 18, 2024 on Steam via Early Access. Console versions of the game are currently planned, but they're likely to release once the 1.0 update launches. Unfortunately, there's no ETA on the 1.0 release date just yet.

After the early access period begins in April, the game will receive numerous major updates which will add content to the experience, the first two being multiplayer and "The Breach", with Moon Studios teasing "further updates" as part of the roadmap.

If you've grown tired of waiting for the Elden Ring DLC release date, and you're hoping for a new style of Soulslike to enjoy, No Rest for the Wicked could be something to look out for. Unfortunately, there's no price for the game just yet, but Moon Studios will be offering a discount for those who purchase during Early Access, with a price increase once the full launch arrives.

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