Nintendo Switch update reported to include Bluetooth audio support

The Nintendo Switch's 12.0.0 firmware update is not as unassuming as first thought, based on new information from the dataminers.

As found on SwitchBrew via OatmealDome, Nintendo may have updated the Switch to add audio support to the console's Bluetooth driver.

This has yet to materialise into any tangible Nintendo Switch features, but could hint at some well-needed updates in the future.

Bluetooth Audio Support

Currently, the Nintendo Switch does not offer official support for Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headsets must be plugged into the Switch via USB-C or the 3.5mm audio jack.

Alternatively, if players want to use a Bluetooth device, they must first buy a Bluetooth adapter for their TV.

With a Bluetooth driver update, the Nintendo Switch may soon support these Bluetooth headphones. This would be a much-needed update for those who play the Switch in its docked mode and don't want to invest more money into a USB dongle, for example.

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The Nintendo Switch's controllers do not include a headphone jack, leading players to buy these third-party controllers instead.

Will Nintendo add Bluetooth Audio Support?

This is the strongest indicator we've had since the Switch's launch that Nintendo could be upgrading its audio settings.

However, as with most rumours - particularly those about the Nintendo Switch Pro - Nintendo has remained quiet regarding its plans.

Another theory is that this Bluetooth audio support will only feature in the Nintendo Switch Pro dock. With references to the Switch Pro's 4K dock also reportedly added in the latest update, could this be another Switch Pro-exclusive feature?

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