Nintendo Switch Pro: New Nintendo Switch to support 4K, features upgraded 7-inch OLED screen

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Four years have now passed since the Nintendo Switch first launched. Since then, we have seen other games consoles receive hefty upgrades, with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X replacing Sony and Microsoft's respective last-gen consoles.

As the gap between these consoles has grown, many have predicted Nintendo is set to launch an upgraded Switch model - also known as the Nintendo Switch Pro.


We've not heard much from Nintendo about the alleged Switch Pro, but a recent report from Bloomberghas given us some insight into what to expect...

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Bigger screen, same resolution

According to Bloomberg, the upgraded Switch will feature a 7-inch OLED screen produced by Samsung. This will be slightly larger than the 6.2-inch LCD screen the Switch currently uses.

The site reported that these OLED screens could start production in June before shipping for assembly in July.


Yoshio Tamura, the co-founder of display consultancy firm DSCC commented: "The OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display."

However, due to concerns surrounding the battery with an upgraded model, the screen will still run at a 720p resolution when in handheld mode, rather than upgrading to 1080p.

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4K support when docked

Despite the 720p resolution when docked, Bloomberg also reported that the upgraded Switch will support 4K resolutions when connected to a TV via the Switch dock.


While this will certainly be great news for those wanting to play the likes of Breath of the Wild 2 in Ultra-HD, Bloomberg pointed out this could "intensify a longstanding complaint of developers" who now face an even larger resolution divide between the Switch's docked and undocked modes.

4K support for the Switch Pro has been heavily rumoured for a while now, with the latest rumour suggesting it could also support NVIDIA's DLSS technology.

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