Cloud gaming is not a "top priority" for Nintendo

Cloud gaming has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. Google Stadia, xCloud streaming, and even PS Now have seen some success in streaming games direct to devices without the need for downloads.

One company that has - in classic fashion - not kept up with the latest trend, is Nintendo.

And for those who are hoping cloud-based gaming could be a solution to the Switch's 32GB storage, Nintendo's president has hinted this reluctance for cloud gaming may not change anytime soon.

Nintendo President comments on cloud gaming

In an interview with Nikkei, Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about how Nintendo can adjust to shifts in the gaming market.

Furukawa said that Nintendo's strategy "is to grow the population of people who play video games", referencing the rise in mobile gaming. He also said: "I'm sure new offerings like cloud gaming and streaming will emerge, but they won't be a top priority when choosing what game to play".

However, Furukawa also said that Nintendo is "always actively researching technologies that could be the starting point of something fun."

Furukawa's comments share similar sentiments to previous interviews given by himself and other Nintendo executives. In early 2020, Furukawa said: "It’s possible that cloud gaming could capture the public’s interest in 10 years from now, however at this point in time, I do not think that dedicated hardware will go away."

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But...isn't cloud gaming on the Switch?

While the Nintendo president may have hinted the company has no wider plans for cloud gaming, the Nintendo Switch already supports cloud gaming.

Both Control and Hitman 3are currently only available on the Nintendo Switch as cloud versions. Given both the storage and power needed to run these two games, it is unlikely that 505 Games or IO Interactive would have been able to bring the titles to the Switch without cloud gaming.

This seems to suggest we shouldn't rule out cloud gaming on the Switch from third-party developers, who see this as a workaround to the Switch's hardware limitations. Just don't go expecting to play Breath of the Wild on your phone anytime soon.

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