Nintendo Switch 2 reveal could hit Switch’s 7th anniversary

Nintendo Switch with Link using his glove from Tears of the Kingdom popping out
Credit: Nintendo

After plenty of rumours and leaks surrounding the successor to one of the best selling consoles in recent years, the Nintendo Switch 2 could be revealed sooner than you expect, and it may coincide with a special anniversary event.

The Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits have already been sent to third-party developers, according to some recent reports, and while the first console was fairly weak in terms of performance, the Nintendo Switch 2 specs may provide a more powerful console. But when can you expect to find out about the upcoming console? And when will we find out about a potential Nintendo Switch 2 release date?

According to NateTheHate during a recent episode of the Game & Talk Podcast, the insider suggests that Nintendo is "poised and ready for a reveal or an announcement in March", suggesting that the console will be revealed on the 7th anniversary of the original Nintendo Switch. The first console was released on March 3, 2017.

NateTheHate doesn't just make this remark however, going as far as to suggest that he has heard information about this since Gamescom last year, and says that recent talks have also resurfaced in the last few weeks, further pointing to a potential reveal in March.

The sequel to the best gaming handheld will surely sell like hotcakes when it finally arrives, with Nintendo planning millions of units ahead of the release, solely for the first wave of sales, according to some reports. However, we urge you to take this information with a pinch of salt, as no leaker's track records are perfect and, until Nintendo announces otherwise, we can't be certain when the Switch 2 will be officially unveiled.

However, if the leaks are true, we're very excited to hear more about the Switch 2's processor and, if other reports are real, we hope that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be using DLSS, allowing you to get a better performance out of the handheld.

Considering the rumoured reveal could land around the time the Nintendo Switch turns seven years old, it sounds like the perfect time to announce the successor and give the original some hefty discounts for some sales. If the device is revealed in the next month, we imagine that the Nintendo Switch 2 will release in time for the 2024 Holidays, releasing between September and November 2024.

Until then, we're just waiting to see what Nintendo is bringing with its next big console, and hopefully, it will sell as well as the original Switch.

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