Nintendo Switch 2 release date revealed by Microsoft in new court documents

Mario looking up and holding Nintendo Switch 2 consoles

Mario looking up and holding Nintendo Switch 2 consoles

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Microsoft has revealed a potential release date for the Nintendo Switch 2, claiming that the next-gen handheld will release in 2024. Claimed in court documents for the company’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft has revealed far more information about Nintendo’s next console than expected.

In documents released after Microsoft’s high-profile FTC hearing, numerous mentions of the next Nintendo Switch console are included. Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft is aware of the existence of Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits, and believes the new console is powerful enough to run upcoming Call of Duty titles.

However, new information reveals that Nintendo’s next console is scheduled to release in 2024, matching previous reports from insider sources. Prior reports claimed that Nintendo was planning on releasing the new console next year at the earliest, although the console could be delayed until early 2025.

In Page 92 of the 153-page court document, Microsoft argues that it is not in direct competition with Nintendo due to the company being in a different stage of its console generation. Addition, the company also reveals that Nintendo’s next console is close to release.

“Nintendo is expected to release the successor to the Switch as early as next year,” Microsoft argued. “Whereas PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are in a different stage of the console lifecycle.”

Nintendo Switch 2 has been rumoured for a while now, and there’s plenty of evidence for its existence. Just recently, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that Nintendo urged the company to wait for the new console before releasing Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

Despite a number of leaks, few details have come out regarding the new system. While the hardware will be more powerful than Switch, no new chip details have released. Will the new machine still use Nvidia’s Tegra hardware? Is a new chip in development? Will the next console support DLSS reconstruction?

At the time of writing, not much is known about the new system other than its proposed release window. With a large number of original Switch games still releasing — including the fabulous looking Super Mario RPG Remake — there’s hope that the new console will at least be backwards compatible.

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