Nintendo Switch 2 release date is almost certain

nintendo switch 2 release date switch handheld with link from zelda in middle holding out blue hand

nintendo switch 2 release date switch handheld with link from zelda in middle holding out blue hand

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The Nintendo Switch 2 might be closer than anyone thinks, and we believe the answer lies in Nvidia's latest business plans.

In an exclusive report from Nvidia, Reuters suggests that the company is planning on investing in the design and production of custom hardware for gaming devices. The report specified and singled out the Nintendo Switch.

The report from Reuters suggested that "Nintendo's current Switch handheld console already includes Nvidia's Tegra X1 chip. A new version of the Switch console expected this year is likely to include a Nvidia custom design, one source said."

When asked for comments, Nintendo declined to respond. We're not surprised there.

The next major business report from Nintendo is expected in May, where they plan to lay out their business plan for the year 2024. It's entirely possible that May is when we learn about the successor, the iconic but now dated Nintendo Switch.

However, it's also entirely possible that the Nintendo device in question is something entirely different or is simply a variant of the current Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch 2 remains an incredibly elusive device despite all the rumours and leaks that surround it. Nintendo has already confirmed that they will end support for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch continues to be the worst-kept secret in the gaming industry right now, as we've also had leaks from Microsoft and reports regarding the new 8-inch LCD.

In fact, we've also seen reports from developers who have started working on games for the Nintendo Switch 2. Some developers have received Switch 2 dev kits, while others confirmed the existence of DLSS for the Switch 2.

As always, we'll keep an eye on any and all developments regarding the Nintendo Switch 2. If you're still using the original Switch, you might want to check out our guides on how to fix a frozen Switch and how to connect your Switch to a laptop.

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