Nintendo Switch 2 RAM size reportedly triples original model specs

Nintendo Switch 2 RAM size - Mario tipping his big red hat

Nintendo Switch 2 RAM size - Mario tipping his big red hat

An abundance of Nintendo Switch 2 reports are now out in the wild, with numerous trusted sources revealing details regarding Nintendo’s next-gen system. In a new claim, the Nintendo Switch 2 RAM size has been revealed, and it’s a massive upgrade over the 2017 debut system.

With Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits already in the hands of trusted studios, development of Switch 2 launch games — such as Final Fantasy VII Remake — is full steam ahead. While the console allegedly supports Nvidia DLSS and hardware accelerated ray-tracing technology, the other hardware within the console is also impressive.

Fairly reliable leaker Universo Nintendo claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 has 12GB of on-board RAM in the system’s consumer model. While dev kits will obviously have access to more RAM for development purposes, the console that players will have access to will have a shared system pool of 12GB to power games and the operating system.

This would be a huge upgrade over the base Nintendo Switch’s RAM pool. Released in 2017, the current SKU of the Nintendo Switch has access to just 4GB of LPDDR4 memory across games and system processes. Even without knowing what form of memory the Nintendo Switch 2 RAM pool uses, presumably LPDDR5 or LPDDR5X, this will be a massive leap over the original.

Prior leaks regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 have claimed that other aspects of the console will also be massively improved. For example, one leak claims the hardware will have substantially increased internal storage with some models allegedly offering 512GB of space.

At the time of writing, none of these reports have been confirmed by Nintendo, and likely won’t be until closer to the Switch 2’s 2024 release date. While the Nintendo Switch 2 is certainly real at this point, there’s still a lot of questions yet to be answered.

However, with 12GB of RAM, hefty internal storage and very powerful hardware, the price of the Nintendo Switch 2 does seem to be a concern. If all of these rumours are to be believed, the Switch 2 hardware does seem primed to be substantially more expensive than the original.

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