Nintendo Switch 2 price leak reveals a substantially more expensive handheld

Mario looking at Nintendo Switch 2 price leaks

Mario looking at Nintendo Switch 2 price leaks

After months of reports, the long-awaited Nintendo Switch 2 price leaks are finally here. While not exorbitantly expensive, the new Nintendo handheld will see a marked price hike over its 2017 predecessor.

Following reports of the console’s 2024 release date, DLSS 3 support and dev kit details, the Nintendo Switch 2 price may have been revealed. Prominent game leaker SoldierDelata claims the console will start at $400, compared to the original console’s $300.

That $400 price is reportedly tied to a digital only Nintendo Switch 2, removing the game’s cartridge slot. However, for fans of physical games, the standard console will cost $449.99. Unfortunately, that’s all the details the game leaker was able to share.

Nintendo Switch 2 price leaks revealed in discord messages
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Alongside a digital only and physical-capable console, prior reports claim Nintendo is planning to launch numerous SKUs of its handheld/console hybrid with different storage configurations. Similar to a smartphone launch, this will allow fans to shell out extra for more internal storage.

The currently-known Nintendo Switch 2 specs do claim that the new console will support microSD storage, the same as its original incarnation. This means that even fans who don’t shell out extra for the reported 512GB internal storage SKU will still be able to host a substantial library of games.

Despite the new console launching sometime next year, the original Nintendo Switch is still primed for a year of strong first-party exclusives. Alongside games such as Detective Pikachu Returns, Super Mario Wonder, Super Mario RPG Remake and more are still planned for the 2017 console.

However, some unreleased Nintendo Switch games are likely planned for the upcoming successor. For example, Retro Studios’ long in-development Metroid Prime 4 could either be a Nintendo Switch 2 exclusive or a cross-gen title across both consoles.

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