Nintendo Confirms Switch 2 Announcement Coming by March 2025

nintendo switch 2 officially revealed this fiscal year
Credit: Nintendo

nintendo switch 2 officially revealed this fiscal year
Credit: Nintendo


  • Nintendo confirms that the Switch 2 is getting announced this fiscal year
  • A Nintendo Direct is also happening this June, but will only focus on Switch games
  • The Switch era is finally coming to an end

Nintendo has finally confirmed that the Switch 2 exists, announcing that they will be revealing details about the new system this fiscal year. It’s been a good seven years but the Switch era is finally nearing its end, as Nintendo prepares for their next-gen system.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the president of Nintendo, confirmed that they would be revealing the Switch’s successor this fiscal year as part of the company’s financial results. Furukawa also confirmed that a Nintendo Direct is coming out this June, but it will only focus on Switch games and have no news on the successor.

Because Furukawa said it would be announced this fiscal year, that means we’re going to get news on the Switch 2 by March 2025 or earlier. That’s a large stretch of time and it’s going to be hard to determine when the system will be announced. Still, it’s good to know that we’re getting a new Nintendo console, since the Switch has been showing its age with some third-party titles.

Prior to the news, everything surrounding the Switch successor has been a rumour, though they did have a major impact. After reports seemingly confirmed that the new console wouldn’t come out this year, Nintendo lost some stock with investors. Now that the system is getting announced soon, we assume this company is going to be just fine now.

We’ve had hints about the Switch 2 and what it could have at launch, with Doug Bowser previously teasing backwards compatibility. Previous reports have also said that players will be able to use their current Nintendo accounts for the next-gen system. Of course, none of this is official yet and we’ll have to wait for this major announcement before concluding anything.

Only time will tell if this new piece of Nintendo hardware will live up to all of these rumours, but the confirmation is very exciting. The Switch 2 is finally getting announced this fiscal year and Nintendo is going to move on to stronger hardware.

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