Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits arrive at dev studios ready for 2024 launch

Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits arrive at dev studios ready for 2024 launch

Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits arrive at dev studios ready for 2024 launch

Some of Nintendo’s biggest and best partners are already receiving their Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits ready for next year’s console launch. Six years from the release of the original handheld/console hybrid, the new Switch is expected to be a true successor.

Revealed by VGC, numerous major studios have already been given access to Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits to develop launch period software for the new console.

According to the report, the new Switch console will launch with an LCD screen instead of an OLED panel. Nintendo is reportedly looking to reduce costs of the hardware in order to implement more storage than the current Switch’s standard 32GB, attempting to combat the rising size of game packages.

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch 2 is said to still support cartridges, although it was not stated if they’re the same size as the current console’s version. If not, this could rule out backward compatibility for physical Switch games.

The report also reveals that the console is a true successor to the original Switch instead of a more powerful off-shoot, like the Wii U was to the Wii. Alongside being a more powerful home console, the next Nintendo console reportedly keeps its portable properties as well.

VGC reports that Nintendo is aiming for a mid-2024 release date, although that could be delayed to late 2024 if production issues occur. This matches numerous reports, including ones by Microsoft, that claim Nintendo’s next console will release next year.

Recently, amid a wave of hilariously fake leaks, the SoC manufacturer behind Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers explained that the company is currently aiming for a new console to release next year.

The current Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC that powers the 2017 handheld was out of date when it released. While Nintendo has worked wonders to bring momentous games like Tears of the Kingdom to the hardware, it is far too weak to keep up with a new generation of gaming.

While details are still incredibly vague, there are expectations for the next-gen Nintendo Switch 2 to include Nvidia features such as DLSS to keep image quality sharp. However, only time will tell if Nintendo can afford to adopt the technology.

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