Nintendo Switch 2 battery life may be even lower than 2017 model

Mario whooping on a Nintendo Switch

Mario whooping on a Nintendo Switch

For those hoping the Nintendo Switch 2 would offer longer play sessions than the 2017 original, you might be out of luck. New reports claim that the Nintendo Switch 2 battery life is even shorter than the original console SKU.

While dev kit discussions and tech demo reports are out in the wild, much of the Nintendo Switch 2 specs are currently unknown. Outside of features such as real-time raytracing and DLSS support, Nintendo’s handheld has been kept under wraps.

However, new reports claim that the Nintendo Switch 2 battery life will be lower than that of Nintendo’s already mediocre 2017 console. Reports on the Famiboards forum, via GameisHard, claim the new console will have shorter battery life due to its massive power consumption.

Known Nintendo leaker oldpuck revealed that the Nintendo Switch battery life is rated at between three and six hours depending on operating load. In comparison, the first version of the Nintendo Switch lasts up to six and a half hours.

Of course, Nintendo has made multiple revisions since the 2017 models. Both Switch Lite and the revision of the base model are capable of between 5 and 9 hours of battery life dependant on use. The Nintendo Switch OLED is also capable of 9 hours of use.

With the Nintendo Switch 2 offering remarkably boosted specs over that of its 2017 predecessor, a lower battery life on launch is to be expected. With hardware accelerated raytracing and DLSS support, the Nintendo Switch 2 is a remarkably powerful device, especially for Nintendo.

With the Nintendo Switch 2 price being substantially more expensive than its predecessor, many may be upset by its lower battery life. However, later revisions of the Nintendo Switch 2 hardware will likely remedy this issue, at least to some degree.

Of course, alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 portable play mode, players will be able to dock the console to circumvent any battery limitations. Additionally, the console will be playable while charging via USB-C.

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