Nintendo Switch 2 has 512GB of storage and a slightly bigger screen

Nintendo Switch 2 512GB internal storage - Mario reacting to the good news

Nintendo Switch 2 512GB internal storage - Mario reacting to the good news

New rumours regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 claim that the upcoming handheld/console hybrid will gain a massive improvement over its predecessor: 512GB of internal storage.

Speaking in a recent podcast, YouTuber and Nintendo insider Nate the Hate revealed that the new Nintendo console will have a huge storage upgrade when it releases next year. Compared to the paltry 32GB of internal storage on the current model, at least one version of the Switch 2 will have 16 times that capacity.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will also allegedly have a subtly larger screen than the original. While the current Switch hardware boasts a 7-inch LCD screen, the new console will have an 8-inch display. However, it wasn’t stated if the display would be a higher resolution than the current device’s 720p panel.

In the leak, the YouTuber does corroborate some statements from an earlier VGC report. That report revealed that Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits have already been sent to developers and that the new device has an LCD screen instead of the better, but more expensive, OLED panels Nintendo has recently introduced.

When the original Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, many called out the console’s low storage as an issue. While the console’s support of affordable microSD cards have mitigated complaints, some still wish for expanded storage options on the console.

The Nintendo Switch 2 release date is currently pegged at mid-2024, according to numerous reports. In fact, Xbox manufacturer Microsoft revealed that a new Nintendo Switch console is scheduled for market next year in recent court documents. Furthermore, the manufacturer of the current Switch’s Joy-Con SoCs claimed a Japanese console giant is releasing a new product in 2024.

Despite the arrival of new hardware, the current Switch is far from dead. At the time of writing, a number of Switch exclusives are still scheduled to come to the system including Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Wonder and more. Metroid Prime 4 is also expected to release on the original model.

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