Nintendo SoC supplier hints at Switch 2 2024 release date

Nintendo SoC supplier hints at Switch 2 2024 release date

Nintendo SoC supplier hints at Switch 2 2024 release date

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More evidence of a 2024 release date for Nintendo Switch 2 has released. Despite some hilarious fake leaks over the past few months, more concrete information for Nintendo’s new console has released.

Following Microsoft’s court documents claiming that a new Nintendo Switch console was scheduled for 2024, a parts manufacturer for Nintendo’s devices have corroborated these claims.

PixArt, the manufacturer behind integral parts for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con have revealed that a new Japanese console is coming next year from a company that hasn’t released hardware for a number of years.

Via NotebookCheck, the manufacturer said: “that the Japanese game console will launch a new machine early next year that has not been seen for many years.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that Nintendo has launched a new machine since the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017. While not new consoles, the Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED revisions are technically new hardware launches from the company.

Nevertheless, PixArt’s claims match that of many different sources, as well as many predictions from analysts. With companies like Ubisoft claiming that Nintendo advised waiting to release exclusives like Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, the new hardware can’t be too far away.

However, there is still confusion over what the Nintendo Switch 2 could be. While the technology will more than likely stick with Nvidia hardware for backward compatibility purposes, there’s no news on what Nvidia features the new hardware will possess.

While not confirmed, there is hope that the new Switch will support Nvidia DLSS, a machine learning upscaling technology that increases resolution of games. With the Switch frequently lambasted for low image quality releases, DLSS 2.0 or above would certainly help the machine keep up with the competition.

Despite new hardware on the horizon, there’s a healthy smattering of new software coming to the original Nintendo Switch this year. Games such as Super Mario RPG, Detective Pikachu Returns, Super Mario Wonder and more are still coming to the aging handheld, and they look great.

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