Nintendo President denies showing Nintendo Switch 2 to developers

Mario looking sternly next to the red Nintendo Switch OLED

Mario looking sternly next to the red Nintendo Switch OLED

Earlier this year, reports released from reputable sources claiming that the Nintendo Switch 2 was shown to development partners at Gamescom 2023. However, Nintendo President Shintaro Furukawa has now denied those reports.

Reports claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 showcase involved a tech demo showing Breath of the Wild running at 4K 60fps in docked mode using DLSS technology. Recent Nintendo Switch 2 specs leaks also reveal that this should be possible with the device’s new processor.

Furthermore, the demo allegedly included a presentation from Unreal Engine 5 studio Epic Games. The team reportedly showed a demo of The Matrix Awakens demo running in some form on the new handheld.

Via VGC, Furukawa has denied these meetings ever taking place, despite multiple reporters at the Gamescom presentation confirming Nintendo had an exclusive, developer-only meeting at the event. The Nintendo president has also denied showing publisher Activision early versions of the new Nintendo Switch handheld during 2022, a fact the company revealed during FTC meetings regarding its Microsoft acquisition.

Despite this, the Nintendo Switch 2 is all but confirmed for a 2024 release date. With the company releasing a slew of swansong exclusives for the first handheld, such as Super Mario RPG Remake and the now-released Super Mario Wonder.

Alongside reveals from Microsoft that Nintendo is planning to release a new console next year, the manufacturers of the Nintendo Switch’s joy-con controllers have also confirmed a new release from a major Asian console maker next year. As the company doesn't work for Sony, which is releasing the PS5 Slim, it must be a new Nintendo device.

Furthermore, the time of the Nintendo Switch is coming to an end. With the current-gen consoles far outpacing Nintendo’s handheld-that-could and sales dwindling for the ongoing machine, it is time for the company to release its follow-up.

Recent reports claim that the Nintendo Switch 2 price will be more expensive than the 2017 hardware, and will offer more storage and a larger LCD screen. Unfortunately, the OLED panels used in the more expensive Nintendo Switch OLED will not be returning for the next model, at least its first iteration.

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