Your Nintendo DS can run MacOS, but it’s a dreary time

nintendo ds macos
Credit: Michael MJD

nintendo ds macos
Credit: Michael MJD

The Nintendo DS is still a beloved handheld, thanks to a library of fantastic games and various mods that have made this machine great for emulation. Beyond gaming, the handheld could use the internet, depending on the model, and someone got MacOS of all things to work on it.

YouTuber Michael MJD showed that you can have MacOS working on your Nintendo DS, as long as you have an R4 cartridge, which can house micro SD cards. Usually, this is so players can store thousands of games in their system, but it can also be used to store MacOS.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial version of the OS, so it’s barely going to run well, though what’s seen here is manageable. The YouTuber says that the OS barely worked on the handheld, which is understandable since we’re talking about 2005 hardware.

Being able to use MacOS on the Nintendo DS is a neat novelty, though doesn’t have much actual use if anyone wants to use it seriously. Unless the apocalypse happens, people are better off using MacOS on, well, their actual Mac, where it runs well and won’t be a hassle to anyone.

Fans will remember that an internet browser for the DS had to be released as a separate game cartridge, at least until the release of the DSi. It’s funny to see how much things have changed since we can now put MacOS on the system, even if it barely works.

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We would have said that the Nintendo 3DS has better internet but Nintendo shut down the online services for that handheld as well. Modders have been able to add a web browser to the system via jailbreaking but users are still better off getting actual laptops to use. At the least, DS and 3DS owners can know that their little device is capable of doing a lot of cool stuff.

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