Nightingale should’ve been a huge success, but bugs and server issues are ruining it

nightingale server issues early access bugs
Credit: Inflexion Games

nightingale server issues early access bugs
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale was supposed to be a big deal, but various bugs have prevented it from reaching its full potential, as the game has launched to mixed reviews. While the open-world survival game is still in Early Access, various connection and progression-related issues are angering players who were hoping for a good time.

At the time of writing, this highly-anticipated survival game currently has a 54% mixed reception from fans who’ve played it. Some fans are saying that it’s a good survival game, but the internet issues are preventing them from simply playing it, which is disappointing. Some fans say that this shouldn’t be online-only in single-player and the constant disconnecting sort of proves that point.

It seems the Nightingale devs didn’t realize that a lot of players like to play survival games alone, since it means less goofing around and a bigger emphasis on, well, survival. Since the game is on Early Access, there’s always a chance that these connection issues are going to get fixed, but this isn’t a good omen.

Early Access is expected to be a buggy period for games on Steam, as players are encouraged to send in their concerns so they can be patched out. While these impressions are bad, it’s still early in the game’s life and the devs have plenty of time to fix it. As long as the devs don’t rush development or officially release it as is, the game will eventually be fine after numerous patches.

Fans were immediately enthralled by Nightingale when they first saw it, as the unique fantasy world and familiar survival gameplay were a home run. Maybe fans will finally get that game once the devs fix these annoying server issues so that everyone can get to enjoy it.

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Nightingale is available now on PC via Steam and fans can check it out now if they’re willing to put up with some bugs. Players who want more quality control should wait for the official 1.0 release.

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