A tie-in that doesn't suck? Nicolas Cage Renfield movie gets a Vampire Survivors-like game

Renfield movie gets a tie-in game characters looking around

Renfield movie gets a tie-in game characters looking around

Those vampires might be able to suck your blood, but they might really do the same with your free time. Nicolas Cage's upcoming Dracula movie Renfield is getting an official tie-in in the guise of an action RPG game. Can we say that it's wearing its Vampire Survivors inspirations on its fang-sleeves?

Taking place in a stylistic version of New Orleans, as per the movie, we are not on the hunt for vampires, but actually working with them. Instead, we will team together with the Count – along with other characters from the movie – to bring down his (and our) enemies. The game seems to promise a similar experience to Vampire Survivors: a chaotic and frenetic take on the RPG gameplay. Renfield will have plenty of interesting weapons at his disposal, along with vampiric skills.

Head of developer Mega Cat Studios, James Deighan, commented "our team is so excited to bring our expertise in fun, retro-style games that are filled with wild humor to the amazing world of Renfield". The studio also promises the price will not change, but that clearly might not be the case for future DLCs.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is currently available in Early Access for 4.99$ with promises to bring updates and new features over the following months. Renfield will spread its wings for a theater release just today, Friday April the 14th.

If you're not particularly in the mood for comedic vampire movies starring the great Cage, but instead prefer to settle for a bite-sized roguelike action RPG experience, then Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood might just do the trick.

But, as for us, we do have one final question: when can we finally get to play a Vampire's Kiss action adventure, the one Nicolas Cage bloodsucking tie-in we all deserve?

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