Nichelle Nichols and Barrett-Roddenberry ashes to be sent to space in ‘Enterprise’ flight

Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek made the world look at space travel in a brand-new way. In honour of their contributions to space travel and entertainment, Uhura actress Nichelle Nichols and Lwaxana Troi’s actress be post-humorously sent to space.

Nichelle Nichols and more sent to space

Revealed by Reuters, a number of Star Trek actors and staff will be sent to space. Following the sad passing of Nyota Uhura actress Nichelle Nichols, there’s a new opportunity for key figures to be sent up to the great expanse.

Alongside Nichols, Gene Roddenberry’s wife and Lwaxana Troi actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry and visual effects artist Douglas Trumbull will be sent to space. But how are they getting up there? Majel Barrett-Roddenberry sadly passed away back in 2008. Douglas Trumbull passed away this February whereas Nichols died this July.

The three will be sent to space on the Vulcan Centaur Rocket. Created by United Launch Alliance, the Star Trek actors will be sent alongside 200 other remains in the company’s maiden “Enterprise Flight”.

Initial reports from some outlets claimed that the ashes of Gene Rodenberry would also be included in the launch. However, that is no longer the case.

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Commercial Space Funerals

The launch of the Star Trek crew’s ashes into space is merely an advertisement for United Launch Alliance. As it turns out, these space-faring funerals are going to be a regular, but expensive, occasion.

For those who wish to use the service, there are two separate options available. For $2,495, you can send remains to zero gravity before returning to Earth. However, for $12,500, the Voyager Service will send the remains on a “permanent celestial journal” far past The Moon.

In the future, space funerals may be a commonplace occurrence. However, for now, it is still a very expensive venture for the deceased.

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