NFT Yacht sells for $650,000 despite being ugly as sin

We've complained about the futility of NFT ownership multiple times in the past, but when things get bad there's always something worse. What could be worse? How about an NFT Yacht that looks like a third-stage PS2 LoD selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The Metaflower NFT Yacht sells for over $600,000

That's exactly what's happened. As part of the rapidly expanding crypto bubble, non-fungible tokens have become a hot commodity. With the proposed arrival of the Metaverse, this fervour has only been exacerbated.

In the latest high-profile NFT sale, a single metaverse asset has sold for the equivalent of over $600,000. Dubbed The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht, the colossal virtual asset is part of the decentralised metaverse Sandbox.

The NFT has been celebrated for being the most expansive sandbox asset ever sold — a bizarre thing to celebrate. That sale comes in at 149 ETH (Ethereum), the crypto equivalent of an eye-watering $649,853.07.

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The 3D modelled boat is incredibly ugly

What's most impressive about The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht is how gosh-darn hideous it is. Like most NFTs, the big boat is impressively ugly to the point of being almost laughable. For something that costs over $600k, it shouldn't look this cheap.

The Metalflower is hilariously cubic, like a PS1 background model without texture warping. It's so blocky that it couldn't possibly ever float on real waters. Additionally, the rear balconies are crudely cut from the rear in a way that boggles the mind.

The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht
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However, this type of crude, archaic, patchwork release is typical of NFTs. Even official Spider-Man NFTs look ugly and crass in comparison to heart-filled 3D artworks. It's just even more proof that the culture around NFTs isn't owning gorgeous art, it’s sheer consumerism with the façade of decadence.

For example, The Metalflower has two helipads, one rear and one front. There's no sign that helicopters even exist in the game, and if they did they'd be expensive NFTs. This means that the only person capable of landing their helicopter on your NFT Yacht is someone with an NFT helicopter.

It’s just more evidence that NFT gaming blows; it blows hard. Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that launched in 2013, has Yachts and Helicopters, and anyone can earn them. Sure, you could pay to get them faster, but it's nowhere near as expensive as $650,000. Additionally, they look far better and came out 8 years ago.

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