New Xbox Stereo Headset is a cheaper, wired version of the last Xbox Headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset was a pretty successful release for Microsoft. Aimed to target the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release, the Xbox team crafted a pretty damn good set of cans. For those who think wireless blows, Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Stereo Headset.

What’s the difference between Xbox Stereo Headset and Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox’s new Xbox Stereo Headset is essentially a cheaper version of the Xbox Wireless Headset. As you can likely tell from the lack of wireless in the name, this is a wired version of the latest console headset.

Microsoft notes that the new set of cans are essentially cheaper, wired versions of the headphones some people already enjoy. They're still developed with Bang & Olufsen. The headphones have the same ear cushions, the same microphone and even the same control dials.

PSX Xbox Stereo Headset
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These ones have a little wire coming out of them. We like wires.

It could be said that the Xbox Stereo Headset has an advantage over the Wireless version. As the new, cheaper headphones have no wireless functionality whatsoever, there's no internal battery to charge. This actually means that the headphones will have better longevity in the future – awesome!

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How will they sound?

As the Xbox Stereo Headset has the same set of cans as the last Xbox Headset, they'll sound good. While not flawless, the last set of Xbox headphones were pretty enjoyable to listen to music through. Obviously, they're designed for chat and gaming; the headphones replicate clear vocals with a very fluttery amount of bass.

Xbox said:

“The result of this is hearing the audio as close as possible to how it was recorded, by ensuring clean mid & high frequency performance with strong bass. And to take your audio one step further, the Xbox Stereo Headset supports high-fidelity spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X.”

In our Xbox Wireless Headset review, we said: “This is the Xbox headset, and you’ll know it”. We imagine that'll be the same with this new set. However, they'll be wired.

The headset will launch later this year for $59.99.

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