New Xbox console's dev kit has been reportedly certified in South Korea

Xbox "Brooklin" console from FTC leaks in front of an Apple thinking emoji
Credit: Microsoft / Apple

Xbox "Brooklin" console from FTC leaks in front of an Apple thinking emoji
Credit: Microsoft / Apple

We're due for some mid-generation console refreshes from both Xbox and PlayStation, with the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 almost hitting their fourth birthdays. However, we could be close to an official announcement, as a new Xbox console's dev kit has been certified in South Korea.

As spotted by Xbox News for Korea, a new Xbox has been reportedly certified by the National Radio Research Agency. Under Korean laws, all electronic devices in Korea need to be certified by the NRRA organisation. The new Xbox dev kit certified in South Korea is model number 2089, along with the name XDK Console, which more than likely points to "Xbox Dev Kit console".

Last year, an all-digital Xbox Series X model was leaked by the FTC documents, alongside a new controller. Baring the codename "Brooklin", the discless Series X was set to launch in November 2024, according to the same documents, offering a larger internal storage of 2TB, front USB-C port with power delivery, reduced power usage, and a strange tube-like design for the price of $499.

We can't be certain that the new Xbox dev kit certified in South Korea and the leaked Brooklin model are the same. However, South Korea's certification boards have been useful for upcoming games and consoles before, with the ratings board granting plenty of unannounced or rumoured games age ratings before they're announced or given a release date.

During the same period, the FTC documents also leaked an Xbox Series Portable and a Cloud Gaming box from the company. While neither of these have been revealed or teased just yet, an Xbox entry into the best gaming handheld list would be excellent.

It's worth noting that, you should take these leaks with a pinch of salt. While it all points to an Xbox console coming soon, and it lines up remarkably well with the previous leaks from the FTC documents, final plans can change and it could be a drastically different console from Brooklin, if it exists at all. However, we're excited to see what Xbox may announce in the coming months.

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