New Xbox controller with gyro and more to launch in June

The new Xbox controller codenamed Sebille on a space background

Sebille, the internal nickname for Xbox’s next first-party controller, is reportedly releasing in June 2024.

Revealed last year in unleashed Xbox court documents following the company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the new Xbox controller is a massive improvement over the current Series X pads.

The new Xbox controller will include a number of additional features found in other consoles’ devices. For example, precision haptics like the Nintendo Switch’s HD rumble as well as gyro aiming will be included in the overhauled controller. The controller will also have internal speakers just like the PlayStation DualSense.

Additionally, Microsoft is adding extra connectivity features to interact with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Just like Amazon Luna, the controller will have a “Direct to Cloud” WiFi connectivity feature to decrease input lag on cloud streaming games.

In the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, The Verge‘s Tom Warren revealed that Xbox’s new controller will be revealed in May 2024 with a release scheduled for June.

The next Xbox controller is reportedly scheduled to launch at a recommended retail price of $69.99. This is the same price as the current controller, showing Microsoft’s willingness to move everyone onto the upcoming fancier pads for console and PC gamers.

Xbox’s new controller isn’t the only new product revealed in the leaked court documents. In fact, alongside the controller, the leak detailed a new Digital Only Xbox Series X console with expanded internal storage and an all-new cylindrical design.

Described in the leaked documents as “Adorably All-Digital”, the new console has been heavily criticised by fans for costing the same while removing features such as the internal disc drive.

The latest Xbox controller is the start of a new push for the games company. With every other console supporting gyro controller and expanded rumble, Xbox has been far behind on the tech side. While not every gamer will want to use these new gimmicks, Xbox would be wise to support them like everyone else.

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