New Xbox Controller leak reveals gyro, haptics, speakers and more

The FTC leaked new Xbox controller on an XCloud background, showing gyro aim, improved haptics and more

The FTC leaked new Xbox controller on an XCloud background, showing gyro aim, improved haptics and more

An overhauled Xbox controller has been leaked in a massive FTC Microsoft document. Bringing in features from Nintendo and PlayStation, the new Xbox controller is a true next-gen overhaul for Xbox gamers.

Leaked alongside a new discless Xbox Series X console, an Xbox Series Portable, Xbox Cloud Gaming upgrades and remakes of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, the new Xbox controller is a massive advancement.

While the current Xbox Series controller is seen a great device, it does lack the features found in its competitors. According to the leaked FTC documents, the next Xbox controller — codenamed Sebile — will bring in features like gyroscope controls, improved haptics, internal speakers and a wealth of other additions.

First and foremost, the same gyro controls found in the Switch Pro Controller and PlayStation DualSense will make their way into the new Xbox controller. This means that gamers will be able to finally add motion control aiming to Xbox games for the first time.

The Xbox Sebile controller will also include precision haptics, similar to the HD rumble found in the Nintendo Switch controllers. Alongside the controller’s haptic triggers, this will help video game vibration feel far more immersive while playing. Additionally, the internal haptics will also double as speakers, just like in the DualSense controller.

A leaked FTC PowerPoint by Microsoft of the new Xbox controller Codename Sebile with diagrams revealing new gyro controls, haptics and other technologies
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Microsoft’s latest controller also aims to improve the durability of its hardware. Combating stick drift, the new Xbox controller features modular, replaceable sticks that aims to improve the longevity of a single controller over time.

Furthermore, the Xbox controller will feature a rechargeable battery pack. However, it will also be a removable battery pack. This means that as the battery pack ages and becomes less useful over time, you’ll be able to buy a new battery pack to regain maximum battery health in your controller.

Finally, the new controller takes some cues from the Amazon Luna and Google Stadia controllers. To help reduce latency in Xbox Cloud Gaming titles, the new Xbox Sebile controller will allow you to connect directly to the cloud in order to feel less latency in games.

In order to connect the new Xbox controller to the cloud gaming service, you will have to use a phone app. Just like Amazon’s Luna Connect, you’ll also be able to manage the pad’s access to consoles, PCs and phones through the app. Of course, the new controller also supports wired play, Bluetooth connectivity and proprietary Xbox connectivity.

All in all, Microsoft’s overhauled Xbox controller is a massive improvement, adding in every feature that’s been missing from the current slate of Xbox Series pads. While the simplicity of the Xbox Series controllers are great, they do feel lacking in comparison to Sony and Nintendo’s feature-packed offerings, especially when they cost the same price.

No price was given for the new Xbox controller.

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