VR superhero simulator Project Demigod gets full release date

Character using multiple superpowers in Project Demigod new key art
Credit: Omnifarious Studios

Character using multiple superpowers in Project Demigod new key art
Credit: Omnifarious Studios

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The fantasy of becoming a superhero has always kept people finding new games to fulfil their dreams. However, in Project Demigod, you can finally become a superhero when the game finally launches out of early access on Meta Quest and PCVR via Steam.

The superhero sim, developed by Omnifarious Studios and published by Fast Travel Games, is scheduled to release on February 1, 2024. However, the game may have flown like Superman under your radar, as it's been in early access on Steam since October 2021, and available via Meta's App Lab since May 2022.

The reveal for the release date was announced with a Steam blog post, as well as a new trailer showcasing the latest version of the game. The upcoming launch update will apparently improve the game's overall performance, as well as introduce Hero Events, curated waves of enemies to fight in certain locations, as well as integrated mod support. The developers also state that more content is coming after launch, despite the full release on February 1.

Before you strap on your choice of the best VR headsets, and potentially grab the best Meta Quest 3 accessories, here's some details about the game. Project Demigod is a sandbox-focused game where you can equip plenty of exciting and familiar superpowers. The idea is to create "your own superhero story", allowing you to interact with the world, thanks to the physics-based gameplay.

Personally, I've played a bunch of Project Demigod since I bought it late last year, and it's a solid and fun sandbox game that excels in giving you a power trip. While there's certainly many narrative-focused games in VR that may be better experiences, those who enjoy messing around and having fun will certainly enjoy this game.

If you're wanting a mix of comic-style battles with the immersive nature of games like Blade & Sorcery, Project Demigod should be on your wishlist. If you're excited and simply can't wait, the game is already playable via App Lab and early access on Steam, and you won't have to pay for it again once it launches.

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