New VR survival game on Quest is Minecraft meets Tears of the Kingdom

VR player riding a motorbike in Primitier gameplay
Credit: Ota Mato

VR player riding a motorbike in Primitier gameplay
Credit: Ota Mato


  • Primitier has been available on Steam since December 2021, but the game is now available on the Quest store
  • It’s a physics-based sandbox game that combines survival and engineering, drawing comparisons to Minecraft and Tears of the Kingdom
  • The game is in the App Lab section of the Quest store, meaning it’s an in-development game still, so expect bugs and potential issues

Considering how well the worlds of Minecraft and Tears of the Kingdom should gel, it's strange how there aren't many indie games that deliver that experience. Minecraft's voxel visuals alongside ToTK's physics sounds like an exciting combination, and that seems like something that Primitier offers.

As seen on the r/OculusQuest subreddit, the developer for Primitier on Steam has now made the game available on two of the best VR headsets, the Meta Quest 3 and the Meta Quest 2. The game was originally released on PC in December 2021 in early access, where it remains to this day. But the concept is certainly makes it an interesting and worthy competitor to the best PCVR games.

The brief trailer starts with simple survival physics - players can use a rock to knock down a tree, further split the wood, and use the thin lumber and the rock to create an axe. This should sound vaguely familiar to anyone who has played a survival game, but it quickly turns into an engineering game.

Later on in the trailer, the player creates a gun, boat, motorbike, plane, and more in the world of Primitier, bringing a Tears of the Kingdom-style vibe to the experience. The physics-based sandbox game looks like an engaging time already, even if its still in development right now.

Despite being available for a few years on the Steam storefront, this indie game has gone under the radar. It's got a Very Positive rating on Valve's store, but with only 152 reviews in total. That being said, the general consensus in the reviews is that the game is a lot of fun, even in an early access state. Hopefully, the App Lab launch will give the game another chance at huge success.

You can purchase Primitier on the Quest store now for £14.99. It's worth reminding that the game is part of the App Lab category, meaning it's an experimental or in-development game, so don't expect a polished, triple-A experience. But, if you're looking for something fun, Primitier could certainly that.

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