New Star Wars Jedi Knight FPS in development at Titanfall’s Respawn dev

new star wars jedi knight fps in development
Credit: LucasArts

new star wars jedi knight fps in development
Credit: LucasArts

It looks like Respawn is working on a Star Wars Jedi Knight first-person shooter after Jedi: Survivor. The beloved Titanfall developer previously announced a secret FPS project set in a galaxy far, far away, but it looks like they’re about to start full development.

According to a report from Exputer, Respawn is posting job listings for help on the game. Rather than be coy about it, the listings outright mention a Star Wars first-person shooter that is inspired by the classic Jedi Knight games. That does imply that it will have a different name but being influenced by these classics is far from a bad thing.

Fans will also be happy to know that this shooter will be running on Unreal 5. Considering how Jedi: Survivor will still be running on Unreal 4, we can only imagine how good this game will look. Admittedly, it might take a while before we see this game in action but we hope the wait is worth it.

Just in case some gamers aren’t familiar, the Star Wars Jedi Knight series was an interesting blend of third-person combat and first-person shooting. While a bit clunky by today’s standards, the games were pretty fun for their time and proved that two distinct styles can mesh well in one game.

We’ve seen a multitude of Star Wars FPS games since, from Republic Commando to the recent Battlefront reboot, all of which have their good and bad points. Hopefully, this new game ends up being one of the greats, though we aren’t too worried about that. Respawn has managed to gain quite a reputation for quality single-player titles in recent years.

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Right now, the company is laser-focused on releasing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which comes out next month. A sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, the Souls-like RPG brings back fan-favorite characters and lets you cut off limbs, making it a huge improvement over an excellent game.

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