New Star Trek: Picard Season 2 trailer revealed

A new trailer for the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Picard arrived earlier this week in line with Picard Day.

Celebrated on June 16th each year, Picard day is an event celebrated aboard the Enterprise every year. Fans have since turned the day into a real life celebration of the character.

This year’s celebrations brought with them another glimpse at the upcoming Picard Season Two. We already know a number of things including the return of Q and that the omnipotent being will end up in a scene alongside Data.

The new trailer gives fans a first proper look at Season Two, as previous footage shown was brief.

Q Returns

This new trailer features a lot of details, most importantly of which shows Q’s first meeting with Picard in Season Two. Picard meets Q while returning to Chateau Picard. Seeming confused, Q greets the captain, retorting that “you are a bit older than I imagined”.

We then get a further look at the rest of the season, with a number of scenes that seem to imply that Picard will explore an alternative timeline. 

Seven of Nine wakes up in a large bed with no Borg implants or scars. An indication that this upcoming season will be shot in an alternate timeline where Annika was never captured by the Borg.

Even though the trailer does keep things reasonably vague, it would seem that Q will play an important role next season. 

Ongoing Development

Star Trek: Picard Season Two is still in production, although it is set for release sometime during the first half of 2021. Filming was delayed last year as a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic. 

The rebooted series acts as a sequel to 2009's Star Trek, a film which ended with the destruction of planet Romulus. Star Trek: Picard follows on from those events.

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