New Spider-Man trilogy and Disney+ shows currently being pitched at Marvel

Spider-Man: No Way Home is intended to be the final movie in the trilogy of Tom Holland Spidey movies. However, with the webhead being one of the most popular superheroes of all time, it wouldn't be surprising if Marvel wanted yet another Spider-Man trilogy.

According to leakers, that's exactly what Marvel is planning. While the upcoming No Way Home will cap off the Homecoming Saga, Marvel Studios is desperate to continue creating films for the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Marvel wants a second Spider-Man trilogy

According to leakers at The Cosmic Circus, Sony and Marvel are discussing the next wave of Spidey content. After No Way Home, Marvel reportedly wants three new movies and Disney Plus shows.

Depending on the success of the upcoming animated show Spider-Man: Freshman Year, every new movie will be intersected with an animated season. However, these animated shows are not necessarily tied to Peter Parker’s school years.

The Cosmic Circus reports that Marvel is looking to rapidly age up Peter Parker. Instead of a high school kid, Marvel is hoping to age him into depressing adulthood. After all, most of Peter’s best stories are set in adulthood as he struggles to balance everyday life.

Therefore, each movie will have some form of time gap between them. Every season of the animated show will fill in the gaps between each instalment. However, it will likely not be compulsory watching to enjoy the films.

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Will this “fix” MCU Spidey?

One of the biggest criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man is his reliance on others. While the comic character has often teamed up with others, many see the MCU version as being babied by older heroes.

For example, Tony Stark makes Spidey’s suits, a key aspect of Peter Parker’s superhero identity. However, with Tony Stark now dead and the Iron Spider suit likely destroyed in No Way Home, Spidey will gain some independence.

For some, this will be the “fix” that MCU Spidey needs. If the new Spider-Man trilogy does indeed follow this path, then the MCU might provide the most comic accurate movie webhead yet.

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