New Spider-Man 2 PS5 trailer emerges to get us hyped

new spider-man 2 trailer emerges in australia peter parker and miles morales staring at the camera

new spider-man 2 trailer emerges in australia peter parker and miles morales staring at the camera

The last Spider-Man game, Miles Morales, released over two years ago at this point and aside from being a terrifying reminder of our mortality, it means we haven't had a chance to swing around New York city in far too long. A new Spider-Man 2 trailer, however, has us hyped for the game's impending release.

It was confirmed just months ago that Spider-Man 2 would be releasing in autumn 2023, and now a live-action trailer has dropped on ESPN in some regions that shows a faux news report that captures Peter Parker and Miles Morales webbing their way through Manhattan as they chase down one of the series' villains.

The found-footage-style recording comes from a Reddit post, which shows someone who recorded their TV screen as the ad aired on ESPN 2. At the end of the footage, we see an advertisement for the PS5 console itself with the declaration that the console is "in stock now."

This is great news because the only thing holding back the sales of these consoles is the ability to supply them to consumers. The video also shows that the TV spot says the game will release in "spring 2023," but this was quickly explained away as the video-maker is located Australia and their seasons are reversed compared to Northern Hemisphere countries.

In short, then, Spider-Man 2 is still on track to be hitting PS5 consoles around November 2023 (our best guess) - just in time for the holiday rush.

We've yet to see any proper gameplay footage from Spider-Man 2, but we expect this will change over the summer, and we'll probably see Spidey in all of his 4K glory at E3 or Summer Game Fest. Insomniac has yet to release a disappointing iteration of Spider-Man, so we can't wait to jump back into Marvel's version of New York soon.

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