New PS5 Digital Edition is mysteriously over 7% lighter than before

Sony's PlayStation 5 is one hefty next-gen console. Even when removing the 4K Blu-Ray disc drive for the PS5 Digital Edition, the device is substantially heavier than the PS4. However, it's expected that the weight (and size) of the console will be reduced with sleeker revisions over time.

As it just so happens, the first revision of Sony's next-gen PlayStation is already upon us. A new version of the disc-less PS5 Digital Edition will be released soon, and it’s somehow lighter than before.

PS5 Digital Edition has lost weight

Spotted by Twitter user PS5sokuhouinfo, Sony has released a new version of the digital-only PlayStation. The original model is known as the CFI-1000B; the new version is called the CFI-1100B. Just a slight upgrade.

Official Sony documents state that the CFI-1100B is 300 grams lighter than the original model. However, the company only reveals one change from the original release, a different screw for the console’s stand. The new screw means the PS5 no longer requires an object to tighten fully.

The new PS5 Digital Edition is a substantial 7.69% lighter than the original version, but Sony hasn’t revealed how. As the PlayStation 5 chassis houses a massive heating and plenty of metal shielding, it's fair to suggest that the device has slimmed some of these areas.

ps5 CE-107857-8  PS5 digital edition console
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When will it be available?

The new PlayStation 5 revision will be available in Japan at the end of this month. Japanese retailers already have the device listed on internal databases, but it appears that the new revision is not yet in stock.

Those looking to specifically hunt down the new version will find it be quite a task. Unlike the Nintendo Switch OLED or even the New Nintendo 3DS, this isn't a new system. The new PS5 Digital Edition is just a small revision, and it won't be advertised on its lonesome. Also, you'll still have to deal with scalpers.

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