New PNY SSDs have 18x better endurance as they're designed for crypto

The act of crypto mining has all but ruined the PC industry for many casual customers. As the crypto craze continues, CPU and GPU prices are still skyrocketing.  However, there may be a positive light in the dark crypto sky after all: PNY SSDs.

Designed entirely for the harsh demands crypto has on standard drives, new PNY SSDs improve endurance drastically. Here's everything we know about the new PNY LX3030 and LX2030 solid state drives.

PNY SSDs designed for Chia

PNY's new LX3030 and LX2030 SSDs are purpose-built for Chia plotting. For traditional storage, Chia plotting is a particularly heavy activity known to destroy drives over time. These new SSDs don't entirely circumvent eventual destruction, but they aim to last a helluva lot longer.

The new PNY SSDs are described as 18 times more durable than “normal drives" powered by triple-cell NAND. The new drives can write around 54,000 terabytes of data before giving into wear and tear. As Chia plotting requires a massive amount of data to be written and rewritten to storage devices, it's a strong contender for crypto.

Normal consumer grade SSDs are not designed for the beating that Chia plotting dishes out. For those who do decide to mine Chia, these new-grade SSDs are the only option really. However, every can normal users get out of them?

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Technology improves

Technology is currently improving to meet the demands of crypto enthusiasts. Despite crypto resulting in a lot of traditional consumers being unable to nab new PC components, it’s good for business for manufacturers.

The new and improved SSD technology is releasing entirely to please the crypto crowd. However, more durable storage options are fantastic for those who rarely want to touch their PCs. With SSD tech that could last well over a decade of normal use, this is a great improvement for solid state storage.

The new SSDs are available now, but not through normal retailers.

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