New LG DukeBox is an OLED jukebox with fireplace ambience

A monochrome image of a man relaxing next to the LG DukeBox

A monochrome image of a man relaxing next to the LG DukeBox

Described as an “innovative audio product”, the just-revealed LG DukeBox is a fancy new jukebox that marries old school sound tech with modern design and aesthetics.

Combining both audio and video, the new DukeBox is set to be revealed at CES 2024 later this month. Being shown from January 9 to 12, the new audio device will be a major part of the LG Labs booth at the event.

LG’s brief description of the device claims the new DukeBox is “an innovative audio product that seamlessly combines the charm of vacuum tube audio with cutting-edge transparent OLED panel technology."

Essentially a 2024 jukebox, the device offers a 360-degree top speaker alongside front facing speakers at the bottom. The goal is for the device to create an immersive sound, enveloping the user with music.

A close up shot of the LG DukeBox speaker under a monochrome filter
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Inside the LG DukeBox sits two tube amplifiers which can be seen through the device’s OLED screen. The OLED panel can then display UI elements — such as a Spotify play bar — on top while keeping the retro aesthetic inside visible at all times.

Alongside the nifty music playback information, the device also has the ability to play a virtual fireplace video for you to cosy up next to. Maybe it could be a fine addition to your supper time tea drinking, if

With retro futurism now back in vogue, the LG DukeBox is an attractive device for those with the money to spare.

There’s currently no pricing details on the LG DukeBox at the time of writing, but the audio device should have some price range revealed during its CES 2024 showcase later this month.

Alongside new audio devices such as the LG DukeBox, CES 2024 will see the reveal of new TVs, phones, gaming laptops and more. Keep an eye out here for more stories as devices are announced.

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