New iPhone Emulator Offers Plenty of Consoles from NES to DS

Delta app logo on an iPhone 15 Pro Max screen and in front of an iPhone press kit
Credit: Apple / Testut Tech

Delta app logo on an iPhone 15 Pro Max screen and in front of an iPhone press kit
Credit: Apple / Testut Tech


  • After a few days of emulator turbulence, the Delta game emulator is now available on the iPhone App Store
  • Delta has been around for years, but the all-in-one package delivers console emulators from NES to the DS
  • Apple relaxed its App Store policies to allow emulators a few months ago, but two have already died for various reasons

iPhone emulators haven't had the best start. Since Apple changed it's App Store policies to allow for emulators to be available on the storefront, two emulators have been removed already. However, the tide could be changing, as a new emulator offers an all-in-one solution in an incredible package.

The contender for the best iPhone emulators list, Delta, has just released on the App Store for free. Developed by the creator of the GBA4iOS emulator, Riley Testut, the Delta game emulator is a Swiss Army Knife of retro consoles, offering a wide-range of emulation tools in one app. This includes NES, SNES, N64, DS, and of course, Game Boy, as well as Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance support.

Despite being a great rival to some of the best Android emulators available, Delta... isn't new. In fact, it's been available via AltStore for almost five years now. However, with Apple easing the policies on emulators, Delta will hopefully see a new boost in life by releasing on the official App Store. You can check it out in a video below from MacRumors:

Delta will likely get plenty of hype due to the fact that it should survive, but it should get some praise on its own merits. Not only does it feature plenty of different emulators all in one package, but it has plenty of incredible and must-have features, including controller support, save states, cheats, fast forward, custom controller skins, box art, and more. In fact, it works with one of the best controllers, the Backbone One for iPhone.

In other iPhone news, Apple is facing an antitrust lawsuit in the US, over concerns that the smartphone manufacture has a closed ecosystem with iMessage and gadgets like the Apple Watch. On the other side, people are still confused about iPhone's Face ID after almost seven years of the feature.

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