New HTC Vive face trackers can replicate 38 facial movements

All-new HTC Vive face trackers will allow unparalleled immersion for VR gamers.

Announced today via a press release, HTC is launching a collection of new tracking technology that will spearhead the next generation of VR.

Not only will face tracking be replicated inside virtual worlds, but body tracking is also set to be improved.

What is the HTC Vive Facial Tracker?

The HTC Vive Facial Tracker claims to be able to "seamlessly track 38 facial movements across the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, chin, and cheeks". While current VR setups require third-party tools to track facial changes for activities like VTubing, HTC is offering a widely supported alternative.

The new technology aims to provide accurate real-time replication of "almost the entirety of the lower facial area in VR". Furthermore, the device claims to have sub-10ms response time at 60Hz. This means that your facial movements and your voice won't be out of sync.

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This sleek device will track your face as closely as possible.

HTC's Facial Tracker is available to purchase today. The device has an RRP of £129.

What are the VIVE Trackers 3.0?

Alongside the announcement of the facial tracking technology, HTC unveiled upgraded versions of their traditional trackers. Unlike the Facial Tracker, these cameras focus on reproducing body motion.

These third generation Vive Trackers boast a 75% increased battery life, 15% reduction in weight, and 33% smaller footprint when compared to previous models. Additionally, the technology is fully compatible with SteamVR and all SteamVR capable headsets.

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These new Vive Trackers will be sold at the exact same price as the new face trackers. That's right, just £129!

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