New gaming studio created by former Battlefield director

New gaming studio created by former Battlefield director Gustavsson on a roof

New gaming studio created by former Battlefield director Gustavsson on a roof

The former creative director on the classic DICE-developed series Battlefield is out again on the... battlefield.

Indeed, Lars Gustavsson has recently unveiled his new studio called TTK Games. Based in Stockholm, the CEO has revealed that they are working on a new "next-gen online shooter".

After what the director calls "a long silence", Mr. Gustavsson has taken to Twitter to reveal his new studio, saying that they have secured solid funding and are starting to work on a new project. He also mentions that they are retaining creative freedom to work which, in this day and age, is definitely a rare thing for a young studio.

Gustavsson has also revealed the partners which are accompanying him on this new adventure. Among them, there are several former DICE and Battlefield developers, such as design director Daniel Berlin, former technical director Vidar Nygren and Peter Hoyles, former studio art director for DICE LA and artist on multiple Battlefield games.

TTK Games aims to become "the respected front runners of connected entertainment", which is a pretty interesting objective. The culture they aim to build is one where "great ideas can come from anywhere", by combining the experience of veterans with the ideas of the younger generation.

The studio is also opening several positions for developers and 3D artists on its website. While no juicy details have been unveiled about the game they are working on currently, they have confirmed that it is an online multiplayer shooter which is targeting next-gen console release.

Our money would be on the former Battlefield developers using their long experience in the genre to provide a possible alternative to players looking to scratch their wargame itch online. While the many woes of Battlefield seem to be, for the most part a thing of the past, we are pretty sure many players would not turn their heads on a possible next-gen alternative. We will be watching.

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