Anime Nendoroid company Good Smile has been funding 4Chan for years

An image of a nenderoid from good smile looking shocked at her laptop finding out the company has been funding 4chan for years
Credit: Good Smile/Activision Blizzard

Nendoroid manufacturer Good Smile has been backing controversial website 4Chan for years, putting some of their lucrative deals into question. Most people with self-respect tend to distance themselves from that discussion board, so seeing a company bankroll them for years is shocking.

According to Wired, Good Smile has been backing 4Chan for the past eight years. This means that for eight years the company financed a site known for harassment campaigns and all sorts of bigotry. Lest we forget some of the disgusting sexual topics that the website tends to delve into.

Considering how Good Smile makes Nendoroids for video games and various cartoons from Disney and Nickelodeon, this makes the news even more surprising. The high-end anime figurine company has released figurines for some of the most beloved children’s franchises, including Pokémon and more.

While no announcement has been made yet, we can’t imagine any of these companies being happy over their association with the controversial website. After all, brands have pulled away from companies for less in the past.

Many fans are wondering why the company would even want to associate with 4Chan, given how popular it is with the far-right hate groups. However, considering how popular anime and its associated products are with groups over on the controversial message board, it’s unfortunately not too surprising.

While we’re sure many aren't happy with Good Smile’s involvement, we’ll have to wait and see if there will be any consequences surrounding this revelation.

Despite being known as a cesspool for the worst of the worst, this isn’t the first time a company tried to associate with them. Gamers will remember how THQ Nordic decided to have an AMA in 4Chan, of all places, even though communities like Reddit and ResetEra exist. It is pretty embarrassing to see big studios support them and we’re curious if anything will happen to Good Smile.

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