NASA gives into petty Jeff Bezos demands with $26 million space contract

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been awarded after attempting to sue NASA. Initially, NASA awarded the entirety of its Artemis Moon project contract to Elon Musk's SpaceX. However, after a $6 billion lawsuit from Bezos, NASA's arm has been twisted.

Jeff Bezos wins against NASA

Following Bezos’ planned $6 billion lawsuit, NASA has decided to spread out five Artemis Moon project contracts. As a result, the Jeff Bezos space venture is getting access to a $25.6 million contract instead of the zilch it was original awarded.

Blue Origin’s lawsuit was poised to rip the contract for NASA’s HLS (Human Landing System) from Musk's SpaceX. Before resorting to litigation, Bezos attempted to bribe NASA with billions of dollars in discounts just to get the contract. After his actions, he's still being rewarded with a slice.

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Blue Origin is SpaceX's sidekick

Bezos’ actions may have resulted in Blue Origin finally receiving a contract from NASA, but they're still second fiddle. Essentially, NASA’s contract means that Blue Origin will merely assisting SpaceX in the Human Landing System.

This means that SpaceX will still be working on its vision for the Human Landing System. While that happens, Blue Origin will be working on risk reduction for SpaceX’s designs. It’s a humorous situation, all things considered.

At the end of the day, Bezos is still being rewarded for what can only be considered a massive tantrum. Stealth Optional is rarely on the side of Elon Musk. However, bullying NASA into picking worse companies for the 2024 moonwalk is rather unforgivable.

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