NASA astronauts have to pee themselves because SpaceX can't make a working toilet

NASA's team-up with Elon Musk’s SpaceX has mostly been a successful venture. The two space companies have forged a strong enough alliance to thoroughly upset Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. But are NASA astronauts happy?

For the most part, yes. While not perfect, the SpaceX-NASA collaboration has been going smoothly. However, there's just one major problem: SpaceX can't create functioning space toilets.

SpaceX's toilet problems forces NASA astronauts to pee their pants

Reported by CNN, the SpaceX-built toilet on the Crew Dragon capsule is still not working. Toilet issues were reprieve back in September during SpaceX’s impressive Inspiration4 mission. Unfortunately, none of the issues have been solved at all.

The current toilet has a faulty tube that causes urine to leak all over the spaceship. Reports state that the tube has simply become “unglued” from the storage tank. However, it seems unlikely that a simple glue-job has not been fixed over a month after it was spotted.

With the toilet unusable in home for an upcoming mission, NASA astronauts will have to wet themselves instead. Commercial Crew Program manager, Steve Stitch, explained that the crew will have to rely on backup “undergarments” instead.

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Why is the toilet not fixed?

SpaceX’s rocket is almost constantly in use. Between frequent missions, routine checks and repairs are made to the rocket. However, it would appear that the toilet is not on SpaceX’s list of important factors to check. Hopefully, in the near future, the space toilet will be fixed.

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