NACON: Pro Compact Controller for Xbox Announced

Third party controllers are the type that give a great alternative to the official variants that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo offer to their customers with the respective consoles.

Some find that when they hold a Dual Sense or a Series X controller, that it's not as comfortable as they think when playing Tekken 7, Fortnite or FF7 Remake.

However, companies like Nacon are making sure that the third-party controller space is being adhered to with features and designs that better suit others, which is why their incoming 'Pro Compact' for Xbox consoles looks to cater to a large amount of the audience.

With that, lets look at the details of this controller, and when you can expect to see it available at stores.

Pro Compact

The Pro Compact Controller looks to be the amalgamation of Nacon's years of experience in developing third-party controllers, featuring:

  • Dolby Atmos available when headphones are connected to its headphone jack
  • Full customisation of buttons through the 'Pro Compact App' on the Microsoft Store
  • Adjustable sensitivity for the triggers
  • Vibration-enabled with adjustments for the intensity
  • Wired USB
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Pro Compact in action

In their press release, they stated that: '"The Pro Compact controller has really benefited from the combined expertise of all our teams. It stands out for its build quality and all the customisation options it offers - everything you expect from a professional controller," said Yannick Allaert, Director of Accessories Development at NACON. "After many months of hard work, we are very proud and eager to launch this exciting new range for the Xbox community."

When is it Available?

Not long at all; this coming Monday, the 15th March is when it will be available to all while stocks last at 49 euros.

Its design almost harkens back to the GameCube controller in how it holds, crossed with the original Xbox's 'Controller S' variant.

With Bethesda now the property of Xbox/Microsoft, a whole heap of their games is now available on Games Pass, which this controller will have a lot of use for; from DOOM to Skyrim.

We've been fortunate to be sent the controller, which is being put through its paces as you read this, so expect a review of the Nacon Pro Compact soon.

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Pro Compact App.

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