Musk reveals Tesla Bot humanoid Android designed to do “boring tasks” for you

The sci-fi prospect of a robot helper has always been the goal of modern robotics. According to Tesla owner Elon Musk, that future is almost here with the uncreatively titled: Tesla Bot.

Announced at Tesla’s AI Day event, CEO Elon Musk revealed the company’s plans to release commercial humanoid helpers. After spending most of the event self-congratulating the company's self-driving cars, the Tesla Bot was unveiled.

What is the Tesla Bot?

Elon Musk describes the in-development humanoid robot as a device “built by humans for humans”. The robot is designed to eliminate dangerous everyday tasks as well as complete “repetitive, boring tasks”.

The planned final product will be 5’8” tall and weigh 125 LBS. Tesla Bot’s proposed carry capacity is 45 LBS with the ability to deadlift 150 LBS. Additionally, running speed is equivalent to the most annoying vehicular speed limit: 5 miles-per-hour.

Most importantly, Elon Musk claims that the robot is “friendly”. Oh, thank God, that puts us at ease. Listen Musk, we've all seen the hit 2005 Will Smith sci-fi action movie iRobot. Those robots started off friendly as well!

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How does it work?

The Tesla Bot uses a lot of the same tech found within Tesla's self-driving cars. Tesla's FSD computer is housed inside the robot’s chest. This computer constantly reads data from a collection of sensors to give the robot a sense of awareness. The head of the robot will house its array of Autopilot cameras.

Much like other modern robots, such as Xiaomi's Cyberdog, the Tesla Bot will likely react to spoken phrases. Furthermore, there will likely be an app used to finely control certain aspects of the machine. You know, the typical stuff.

Musk says that a prototype will be available next year. However, there's no planned release date for commercial robots.

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