MSI AI gaming monitor auto-flags enemies with on-board cheating tools

The MSI MEG 321URX QD-OLED AI gaming monitor in a sci-fi punk aesthetic background

Ever wanted to cheat at video games without getting caught? Well, the new MSI MEG 321URX QD-OLED AI gaming monitor uses on-board artificial intelligence to detect and flag enemies for you.

Revealed at CES 2024, the new MSI AI gaming laptop comes with an onboard AI tool dubbed SkySight. Shown off running League of Legends, the SkySight tool scans the game in real-time to highlight enemies with a handy icon.

The tool works by tracking the mini map and gameplay at the same time, allowing it to know exactly when enemies are coming into your field of view. At the time of writing, it seems SkySight only works with League of Legends, but it could allow gamers to cheat in other games as well.

When the MSI MEG 321URX gaming monitor releases later this year, a PC app will be released to allow gamers to design their own cheating tools for other games. MSI announced that the tool will require training on a user’s PC before it can be used on the monitor.

MSI is aware that the new monitor allows players to cheat in major multiplayer games, such as Warzone or DOTA, but doesn’t seem to believe it’s a problem. Furthermore, cheaters won’t be able to be detected as all the cheating is done on the monitor’s hardware, not on the actual computer.

Outside of its cheating features, the MEG 321URX also has some impressive specs by itself. The 32-inch, 4K, 240Hz QD-OLED panel offers gamers a stunning HDR 400 output with an impressive 1500000:1 contrast ratio. Additionally, the panel promises a 0.03ms input delay for lightning fast response times.

On the back, the new MSI AI gaming monitor offers HDMI 2.1, cutting-edge DisplayPort 2.1 and USB-C with enough power to dock your gaming laptop.

Unfortunately, there’s no pricing or release date information for the new MSI MEG 321URX QD-OLED AI gaming monitor. However, it is scheduled to release sometime in 2024.

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