WoVR brings the first version of their World of Warcraft VR mod online

world of warcraft vr mod
Credit: X/Flat2VR

world of warcraft vr mod
Credit: X/Flat2VR

The project has spent precisely a decade in development, but today, the VR mod for World of Warcraft from Streetrat & Marulu finally rolls out an initial version with an impressive suite of features.

World of Warcraft remains one of the largest, if not the largest, massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the market. Today, the game has received a mod that will significantly change the player’s gaming experience, and it took ten years of development to make this possible.

Flat2VR took to the social media network X, formerly Twitter, to announce the initial release of the World of Warcraft WoVR virtual reality mod, which aims to add VR support for version 3.3.5a.

According to the developer, the mod will feature several cool features in addition to those that enable playing the game in a VR first-person perspective. Two of these features are directional audio and synched eye rendering, which the developers boast of being the best of their kind.

The mod also allows players to switch between first-person and third-person views, along with full occlusion, 6 DOF head tracking, and motion controls. Players can also download an option for floating UI windows that can be attached to their hands and faces from the Flat2VR Discord.

You can check out the full mod notes on the project’s GitHub page.

The WoVR virtual reality mod began development as a modification for the Occulus DK1 VR goggles in 2013. The project took a hiatus in 2020, the year of the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines, but the team decided to restart development from scratch this year.

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