More Xbox 360 games may be coming to Xbox Series back compat

The Xbox 360 logo towering over a green and grey wallpaper background

New Xbox 360 games are seemingly coming to the Xbox One/Xbox Series backward compatibility program. After years of no new additions to the library of backward compatible Xbox 360 games on modern consoles.

Since its addition to the Xbox One ecosystem in 2015, new Xbox 360 games on Microsoft’s new consoles have slowed to a crawl. Since the launch of the Xbox Series consoles, only a few games from the 360 library have been added to the program.

Xbox president Sarah Bond teased new Xbox 360 game additions on Twitter. Without any prompting, Bond tweeted an image of the Xbox 360 logo without a caption. This immediately sent fans into a spiral, hoping for new 360 games to come to the platform.

With the studio’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Xbox could be planning to reveal the addition of classic Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass at this year’s Game Awards ceremony. Furthermore, games such as Wolfenstein 2009, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Singularity and more could finally come to backwards compatibility.

Unfortunately, the addition of new backwards compatible Xbox 360 games is a difficult process for Xbox. With the majority of games being wrapped up in licensing hell, such as racing games and movie tie-in games, we may not see them come to modern platforms. Will games like Spider-Man: Web of Shadows be saved? Or will they stay locked to their old platforms?

While most fans believe the tease means that new Xbox 360 games are coming to new platforms, others have even bigger hopes for the tease.

For example, some fans believe the post is teasing the announcement of the previously leaked The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion remake for Xbox Series and PC. Additionally, leaks have teased a remake of Fallout 3 for Xbox consoles and PCs.

Of course, the Xbox 360 did recently just turn 18, so the Xbox president could simply just be celebrating the console. Nevertheless, fans are still looking for more.

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