More gay superheroes will be coming to the MCU, promises Kevin Feige

Despite almost fifteen years of movies and TV, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been rather light on gay superheroes. In fact, over the franchise's cinematic history, LGBTQ aspects of multiple characters have been eliminated.

Marvel has been reintroducing these elements into film as of late. The Loki TV show confirmed the characters’ gender fluidity, Eternals has a gay man with a family, Valkyrie will be bisexual in Love and Thunder. And that won't be the end.

Kevin Feige promises more gay superheroes

In an interview with Variety, Marvel boss Kevin Feige promised that future MCU projects will have more LGBTQ+ representing. The Marvel boss explained that the Cinematic Universe would take on more of the comics’ decades of representation.

After the introduction of Phastos in Eternals, Kevin Feige explained that more needs do to be done. Marvel Comics has a large selection of LGBTQ+ heroes that have grown over its history, and they'll come to the MCU.

He said:

“There have been gay heroes before in the comics. It is more than past time in the movies, and its just the start.”

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What LGBTQ+ comic characters can come to the MCU?

At least three LGBTQ characters will be entering the MCU in the near future. Marvel's acquisition of 20th Century Fox resulted in Marvel regaining the rights to Deadpool. Canonical, Deadpool is pansexual and has been for decades. Additionally, sidekicks Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio are lesbians.

On the other hand, Marvel also regained the rights to the X-Men. With a new cast for the mutant superheroes, it would make sense for Marvel to introduce their most well known gay superheroes: Iceman and Judah Miller.

There's an even larger selection of queer characters to introduce into the MCU. And, no matter who is introduced, online lovers who hate other people being happy will complain.

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