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  • is an iOS app that aims to capture that old-school camera feeling
  • The app has retro filters and no final preview
  • Users can purchase this with monthly payments or a one-time purchase

Everyone is feeling nostalgic over something from the ‘90s or mid-2000’s, which is why apps like have a ton of appeal. Capturing the style of old-school photography, this app is going to be a must-have for hipsters who like to buy those disposable cameras.

Highlighted by TechCrunch, this app lets you switch between modern and retro filters that can capture images in that old grainy way photographers like. Quality and tone can also be changed through a dial in the app, also reminiscent of old cameras.

Another feature has that camera aficionados will love is the fact that there’s no “live preview,” meaning what you take is the final photo. Users also can’t edit these images in the gallery, truly capturing that old-school feel of having an older camera.

“Since the first Polaroid camera, photography has been focussed on more convenience and more control, but I think we’ve lost some of the magic along the way,” Developer Alex Fox said. “Some of the design decisions I made were intended to reduce the conveniences we’re used to, urging users to be in the moment instead of worrying about which filter to use or staring at their phone editing.”

Fox was able to get to the level he wanted with the help of fellow photographers, letting him perfect the app to capture that old camera feeling. Considering how there are still people who love owning retro cameras, this app might just be a must-have if you think modern cameras are too perfect.

It’s not too surprising to see retro apps like make some headlines, since nostalgia continues to play a huge part of the current world. Those with an Apple iPhone can finally emulate older Nintendo games via the Delta app as a pretty recent example. We don’t expect this kind of nostalgia to stop anytime soon, especially if it’s this unique.

The is free for seven days after download. Users can use it permanently by either paying $1.99 monthly or with a one-time $14.99 purchase.

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