Monolith's Wonder Woman game adds star God of War developer

monolith wonder woman game adds star god of war developer
Credit: Monolith Productions

monolith wonder woman game adds star god of war developer
Credit: Monolith Productions

It looks like Monolith’s Wonder Woman game is in good hands. Alongside the talented Shadow of Mordor devs at Monolith, an esteemed God of War: Ragnarok developer has also joined the superhero development team.

Fans already assume that the DC game will be solid as Monolith Productions created the critically acclaimed Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. However, the addition of a developer from Sony Santa Monica has drummed up the hype even more.

Monolith’s new addition is Mila Pavlin, the lead UX designer at Santa Monica Studio. Pavlin worked at the company for multiple years, resulting in an award for accessibility.

Mila Pavlin confirmed that she is working on Monolith’s Wonder Woman game via a Tweet and a Gal Gadot GIF. Pavlin said she has already been working on the game for a week now, already improving the user experience of the unreleased game.

One thing that’s worth noting is that Pavlin praised Monolith’s dedication to accessibility, which is always appreciated. It’s important to have as many accessibility options as possible since gaming is for everyone. Various Triple-A games have made accessibility a major feature in recent years and it’s good to know that this DC title will follow that trend.

Fans have been speculating on what kind of game Monolith’s Wonder Woman would be, with many hoping it takes some cues from Shadow of Mordor. The company already trademarked Mordor’s acclaimed Nemesis System mechanic, which would work really well for the DC hero. Imagine Diana getting taken down by a rogue Amazon or some other DC villain and they advance in rank after; that’d be cool.

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Revealed during the 2021 Game Awards, Wonder Woman currently doesn’t have a release date. For more DC action, Gotham Knights is available now while Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be coming out sometime this year.

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