Modded Game Boy used to unlock and start electric cars within seconds

The Nintendo Game Boy is an iconic bit of retro tech that's seen more than its fair share of mods. Yet, there's been no modded Game Boy quite like this one — a car-hacking handheld favoured by a Yorkshire gang.

Yorkshire gang used modded Game Boy to steal cars

Reported by the BBC, a Yorkshire gang has been using a Nintendo Game Boy to steal cars. Details surrounding what modifications were made to the device are non-existent. However, it's likely just a Game Boy shell with completely new internals.

Police say that the device was used to steal $180,000 worth of vehicles. Reported to cost $20,000, the thieves would've made a massive profit with the stolen cars. Of course, that didn't happen, as they were caught.

The theft was committed by a trio of Yorkshire citizens. Dylan Armer, Christopher Bowes and Thomas Poulson used the device to steal five Mitsubishi Outlanders. Police revealed that the device was able to unlock and start a car “in a matter of seconds”.

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Does the device actually work?

On 20th July, police arrested the trio after stealing their fifth Mitsubishi Outlander. After pulling over the trio, police found the modded Game Boy inside their glove compartment. Additionally, the police discovered multiple pieces of footage showing the device in action.

Firstly, the cops found CCTV footage of the men unplugging a Mitsubishi Outlander from its charging hub. After unplugging the car, the men are said to have used the device to unlock the car. This alleged footage led to their arrest.

Additionally, footage taken from one of the thieves’ phone showed him using the gadget to unlock and start a vehicle. The video is said to have been “accompanied by a commentary in mocking tones”. Police found this commentary to be “flippant” in a way that suggested “utter disregard... for the victims”.

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