Tarisland Opens Pre-Registration for Exclusive Items in the MMO

mmo tarisland pre-registration exclusive items
Credit: Tarisland

mmo tarisland pre-registration exclusive items
Credit: Tarisland


  • Tarisland is offering plenty of pre-registration goodies
  • Players can also earn more items on their website
  • At the time of writing, Tarisland doesn't have a release date

Tarisland is an exciting-looking MMORPG and fans will soon be able to pre-register for the game to get some cool items for a nice head start. In addition to the extra items, players will also be able to do some extra tasks for even more goodies when the game eventually comes out.

Per the game’s press release, pre-registrations for the cross-platform MMO are now available through the official website. Mobile users can also pre-register on their selected device, so all interested parties are accounted for when it comes to the game’s pre-registration.

Fans who go to the Tarisland pre-registration website can also do the following to get additional goodies for the game, like mounts and pets. Other users can also get the chance to win actual real-life prizes like an iPhone and gift cards.

Here’s what players can do for extra stuff:

  • Millstone events: users who pre-register with LI PASS will receive exclusive mounts, pets, and other in-game rewards.
  • Raffle Event: Players will have the opportunity to win various in-game rewards, as well as an iPhone, $50 gift cards, graphics cards for PC, and more.

Based on everything we’ve seen thus far, it looks like Tarisland is going to be a quality MMO that should impress fans. The fact that this is an MMORPG coming to PC and mobile devices means a ton of players will be able to give this a shot. Luckily, this is going to be a free-to-play MMO so those who aren’t interested at launch can always go back later.

Like a lot of the best MMORPGs, players will be able to create their own character and develop their skills through the various diverse classes. Players will also be able to partake in various Raids to take on tougher bosses and gain even more cool stuff.

Tarisland is coming to PC and mobile devices soon, with no proper release date announced. At the least, fans can always pre-register so they can start with a bang.

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