This Mirror’s Edge-like VR Game Will Really Test Your Stomach

Man jumping over an obstacle with a pistol in-hand in Stride Fates key art
Credit: Joy Way

Man jumping over an obstacle with a pistol in-hand in Stride Fates key art
Credit: Joy Way


  • Mirror's Edge fans looking to play a similar game in VR don't have to wait long for Stride: Fates
  • A story-focused sequel to 2022's Stride, Fates takes players into the role of a spec-ops agent, with expertise in parkour
  • The game released in late 2023 for Quest users, but it's releasing May 16, 2024 on PC and PSVR 2

While the Mirror's Edge series of games is limited to only two entries, the game's legacy can be seen in plenty of video games. From Titanfall's wall-running, to zombie hordes chasing you in Dying Light, the DICE-developed Mirror's Edge can be felt in plenty of iconic games.

Considering the mark it's left on the industry, it's no surprise that some developers have attempted a Mirror's Edge-style VR game, pushing you (and your stomach) to the limits in the best VR headsets. Not many come as close to the adrenaline-inducing landscapes of Mirror's Edge's city, but the Strides series is pretty close to it.

Fortunately, those who missed out on the story-focused Stride: Fates released on Meta Quest late last year don't have long until they can enjoy it on other platforms, as Stride: Fates is releasing on May 16, 2024 for PC and PSVR 2 players.

The sequel to 2022's Stride, from the save developers, Stride: Fates puts you into the shoes of an expert parkour spec-ops officer. As you explore the dystopian Airon City, you'll deal with the power-shifting of various gangs, corporate secrets, and more.

Originally, Stride: Fates was meant to be an expansion for the original game, but the developers believed that the narrative-focused DLC had too much content for the original game, opting to develop a full experience instead. However, owners who purchased Stride on PC during its early access period will get free access to the sequel.

For obvious reasons, the PC and PSVR 2 versions won't include the mixed reality update, which launched in February for Quest users. However, both PC and PSVR 2 will have the two free DLC content updates for the game, as well as a higher 90 FPS framerate and graphical improvements.

Stride: Fates is easily one of the best PCVR games for those looking to play a Mirror's Edge-style game in VR, especially with the enhancements over the Quest 3's version. If you're bored of playing the best VR games like Blade and Sorcery, much like I am, then Stride: Fates is an absolute blast to play.

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